Junior Buyer

Polamer Precision is seeking a full-time Junior Buyer. This position will report directly to the Director of Supply Chain.

- Responsible to work under the direction or supervision to accomplish the duties delegated by the Director of Supply Chain.
- Conduct all business in an ethical manner.
- Responsible to assist help other department personnel determine the most suitable product or service to meet their needs considering the objectives of the entire organization.
- Follow-up or expedite orders to see that they are delivered as scheduled.
- Resolve discrepancies or negotiate settlements to the best possible long-term advantage of this organization.
- Working from MRP Signals, check demand to assure for completeness and clarity. Obtaining necessary missing information where required.
- Assist in Identifying best sources.
- Obtain and analyze bids in accordance with established policies and procedures.
- Prepare purchase orders or other agreements as necessary and check them for accuracy and completeness before issuing.
- Review acknowledgements for agreement with purchase orders and resolve any discrepancies with the supplier to the best possible advantage for this organization.
- Follow-up or expedite orders as necessary to meet schedules.
- Keep the Director of Supply Chain informed of all activities or problems and submit reports as requested by management.

- Familiarity with Computer and ability to operate a Laptop
- Good Verbal & written communication skills
- Ability to utilize MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook)
- Work well in a Team Environment
- Minimum Education level is AS-Business or equivalent.

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