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Highest Capacities

Large Production CapacityThe benefit of choosing Polamer is that there isn't a limit on capacity. We are fully capable of accommodating production capacities per customer requirements.

Quality Control

Manufacturing Quality Control SystemPolamer runs on a Quality Management System relative to the elements annotated within ISO 9001:2008 and AS 9100:2009.

Professional Engineers

Manufacturing EngineersWe take pride in knowing that we have an organized team of professional engineers to manage development.

On Time Delivery

Manufacturing DeliveryOur reputation shows that we have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. We like to work to the customers needs, no matter what the situation.

Extensive Capabilities

Manufacturing CapabilitiesPolamer is continuously growing in the ranks of a world class manufacturing firm. We seek to utilize the newest technologies to stand out from the competition.

ERP Software

Manufacturing Cloud ERP SoftwareOur entire system has been brought into the networking cloud. Every last aspect of the business can be securely accessed anywhere in the world.

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