1997 - Polamer Precision was founded by Chris Galik in 1997 on a foundation of vision and determination with just several employees.


    Increasing client demand leads to expansion. Manufacturing space increases to 12,000 square feet and the employee count reaches twelve. These initial expansion efforts are an important milestone in Polamer Precision’s growth timeline.


    A new facility is added bringing the total space to 33,000 square feet. Employee count reaches twenty-five as capabilities and capacity continue to increase. Investment in cutting-edge technology increases as new technology becomes the focal point.


    LEAN manufacturing principles are integrated to transform Polamer Precision into a world class manufacturing facility for the 21st Century. The goal of obtaining UTC Supplier Gold status is within reach.


    2013 - Polamer Precision builds state-of-the-art 152,000 square foot facility in New Britain, CT. Employee count reaches 150 with multiple new departments and key talent.


    Cloud based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is implemented to manage every facet of the business while maintaining optimal efficiency.


    2016 - Fully automated (“Lights Out”) operation in process. Polamer Precision is one of only a few companies pioneering this automated approach to aerospace manufacturing. Our intention is to operate multiple highly efficient lights out cells.


    2020 - Production approval from GE and Rolls Royce