Quality Control

Polamer Precision's approach to Quality Control is multi-faceted and inclusive company-wide. We have developed and implemented a Quality Management System in order to better document the company's best business practices, better satisfy the requirements and expectations of customers, and improve all of the operations of the company.

The Quality Control Management system is focused on continuous improvement of all processes during the manufacture of parts. Our state-of-the-art quality control management system takes advantage of the following:

  • In-process inspection steps
  • Latest inspection tools and techniques available
  • Efficient workflows connected to each department via our ERP software
  • Task assignments within processes in every department are controlled by our Quality Control System

Polamer Precision has implemented SPC (Statistical Process Control) in order to achieve the highest levels of quality control of manufactured aerospace components.

Our proprietary manufacturing processes along with unique methods ensure the part life in most cases is extended beyond the original specifications. Longer service life of components has resulted in greater ROI for our clients'. We aim for a Cpk index greater than minimum standards in order to reduce variability and increase repeatability. The Quality System Manual is divided into eight sections that correlate to the Quality Management System sections of ISO 9001 and AS 9100.

In-process inspection steps allow us to meet and in some exceed delivery expectations. Potential negative trends are immediately recognized by our ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) system and corrected as soon as possible. This rapid response to fluctuations in quality minimizes variability in the finished product. Essentially, our systems monitor part conformance in near real-time.

Our ERP system assigns tasks and conforms instructions to the strict quality standards initially set at the commencement of the manufacturing process. Every detail of quality control such as where and what types of materials are sourced through buyers in the supply chain department down to delivery times are affected.